Social Accounts & Privacy

Why do I need to login with Facebook?

Brewster's mission is to build your most complete address book - since most users have a Facebook account, it's easiest to get started building your address book if we connect to a centralized source of your closest connections. Rest assured, your contact information stays 100% private, just for you, and we do not share it back to social networks or post anywhere on your behalf.

Why should I connect other services to Brewster?

The more services you connect to Brewster, the more complete your address book will be. Brewster intelligently prioritizes different information from different sources (e.g. employment from LinkedIn and location from Foursquare), so you have the best and most up-to-date representations of everyone you know.

Why do I need my Twitter / Facebook / Instagram contacts in my address book?

Besides using these services to build a more comprehensive understanding of your contacts, Brewster also uses your social media accounts to get high-quality photos for all your friends. When you enable Brewster Sync, these photos are used by your phone as high resolution Caller ID photos!

The number of contacts I have in Brewster is significantly larger than the number of contacts on my phone. Is that normal?

You know more people than you think! Since Brewster pulls in contacts from all your connected services - from social networks like Facebook and Twitter to email providers like Gmail and Yahoo! - in addition to your phone contacts, it's normal to have more contacts in Brewster. Don't worry though, Brewster intelligently detects when multiple social profiles belong to the same person to minimize duplicates.

Does Brewster stay up to date when I friend / follow / email new contacts?

Brewster is constantly bringing in new contacts and updating existing contacts for each service you authorize with us, to ensure you always have the most complete and up-to-date information for all of your contacts.

How does Brewster use the information it has on me?

Brewster only receives and stores the information you explicitly provide to us. The more services you authorize, the better your Brewster address book. Brewster uses the latest authentication technologies to avoid ever needing to ask for your password, and you can always disconnect a social account in the future.

Does Brewster ever post to my accounts without me knowing?

Brewster will never post to any of your authorized accounts (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) without your permission.

How does Brewster ensure privacy?

The privacy of our users is very important to us; it guided how we built Brewster and how our system works. At the core, our service was designed around user control and security. In addition, we never see or store any social account passwords on our servers.

Contact Cards

What is my contact card?

Your contact card allows you to share your current contact information with other Brewster users as well as publicly on the web, so your friends always have your up-to-date information. Any information you choose to put on your contact card can be configured to be public, shared with only your friends on Brewster, or hidden completely.

What is a public contact card?

Your public contact card is a custom web URL, shareable in your email signature or otherwise, that contains any contact info you'd like to be able to give out quickly and easily to friends and acquaintances! Click here to create or edit your contact card and mark info as public or private.

How do I access my friends' contact cards?

Information shared by your friends in their contact cards is automatically and immediately available in your Brewster address book on your iPhone, Android, Mac or the web. To see the contacts you're sharing with, check out your Shared Connections.

Will I have duplicate contacts if I know the same person on multiple services?

Brewster intelligently detects when multiple social profiles belong to the same person, and merges them all together to create a single, unified view of your address book.

If I change my contact card, will it show the updated information for others?

Changes you make to your contact card will appear in your friend's address books immediately (as long as they're Brewster users), ensuring they always have your most up-to-date information.

Who are my contacts being shared with?

The information listed on your contact card is the only information about you shared in Brewster, and it's only available to friends of yours. All of your contacts, services, and any information not visible on your contact card is never shared with anyone - it's 100% private, just for you.


What is Sync?

Brewster Sync allows you to easily access all your contacts right from your iPhone, Mac, or Android's native Contacts, Phone, Messages, Mail, and other apps. Plus, you'll now see full-screen photos for your friends when they call.

If I change a contact on my phone or computer, will it update everywhere else?

When you update a contact on your device, the change will automatically appear on all your devices and the web. Please make sure Brewster is your default account to ensure seamless contact updating.

How often do Syncs occur?

Syncs typically occur about once an hour. The exact frequency is determined by many variables, such as what device you're using, network availability, and number of updated contacts.

With Sync enabled, I only see a subset of my Brewster contacts on my device. What's going on?

In order to avoid cluttering your device's address book with useless entries, Sync only sends down contacts that either: 1) have at least one reachable communication outlet (email address, phone number, etc) or 2) were originally in your device's contacts (Sync never removes or overwrites any contacts!)

Can Sync mess up my contacts?

We will never overwrite or create duplicate contacts in your address book. If you've set up Sync on your device and that appears to be the case, check out our tips for resolving common issues and getting the most out of Sync.

Still need help?

If you have any questions or concerns about Brewster or your account, contact us at and we will get back to you right away.